Agon Management

Agon Management focuses on rental properties in Washington DC, Northern VA, and Montgomery County, MD. We manage property for all types of individuals and associations, but our specialty is the individual property owner, especially those of whom may have never intended on being landlords but now find themselves in need of property management services. We understand that, along with offsetting your mortgage payment, one of your main concerns is coming back to your property (whether to live in again or when you eventually sell) and finding it in the same condition as when you left it. This is why we offer our online owner portal which gives you access to monthly reports, expenses, maintenance requests submitted by tenants, and updates on the overall condition of your property-- even if you're out of the state or... the country! Of course, you are more than welcome to pick up the phone and give us a call with any questions you might have.

Contact us for a comprehensive ‘Comparative Market Analysis’ to understand what your property would rent for and how Agon Management might be able to assist you.

Thorough Tenant Screening

Criminal check, Credit Check, Employment Verification, Income Verification, Eviction Search, Past Landlord Reference Check.

Online Owner and Tenant Portals

Leveraging technology with a fully online owner and tenant portal- allowing online payments, maintenance requests, and on-demand owner reports.

Responsive To Owners and Tenants

We pride ourselves on being responsive- that means a guaranteed 24 hour turn-around time (at most) on all owner and tenant correspondence.