August, 2012

Becoming a landlord doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. With a few tips and tricks from the experts, it can be much easier than you thought. First, here are a few topics to think about:
1. What´s the right market value of your property,
2. What are the best ways to screen potential tenants,
3. Where and how do I advertise my property, and
4. How do I maintain a good relationship with my tenants.
These are just a few details to consider when becoming a landlord. Now, whether you decide to do it all on your own or with the help of experts, it is crucial to remember that the goal is to get your property rented as quickly and as efficiently as possible!
Listed below are some basic guidelines and tricks for attracting suitable tenants.

Start with the right application. Whether you are using a template or creating your own application, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Adhering to relevant and important questions such as full name, contact information, place of employment and references from previous landlords will help you select the right tenants without creating additional work for you or your potential tenant. For help developing your lease agreement and/or other important documents you may visit websites such as:; //; //

Make it accessible! Consider using online resources to speed the process and add convenience to potential renters. Online applications allow sophisticated and busy prospects to browse through necessary information from their home and/or office and quickly and conveniently returned it to you. There are also online background check companies that expedite the process. Here are a few examples of available websites and online companies that specialize in quick and easy online credit checks for landlords (;;
Whether you are a new landlord or a more experienced one, you may consider soliciting the advice and experience of a good property management company. They can provide you with general assistance or specific advice at any step of the process. Also they will assist you with all necessary documentation required to ensure a fast and easy process for you as a Landlord.