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When it comes to marketing your rental units, practically everything has been done already. From bench signs to social networking to floppy lawn signs, most property managers have done it all. Yet because these marketing techniques are employed so much, their impact on consumers is not especially strong. So, as a property manager, what can you do to reel ‘em in? We have some ideas on what you can do to vastly improve your business:

Play with your Number

Your phone number plays a big role in your marketing campaigns. But you lose out on a big opportunity to land tenants when you use a regular phone number just like everybody else. Instead, get your own personalized phone number – one that really sticks with people. For example, a number that is made up of almost all threes. Or a number that spells out a memorable word. You stay ahead of the game when your number is easy to remember. In a world where people are always in a rush, such a number can help you land more business.

Grab their Attention

Ramp up the fun factor a bit when you advertise property vacancies. Go for broke and think of creative headlines when announcing a rental listing. Something like: “Your Wishing Well Wish Came True: your Dream Home is Right Here.” Or “Miracles Happen: Your Wife will Love this Place, Too”, etc. Don’t know what to write? Hire a copywriter or someone who can creatively string words together to write out your slogans.

Be a Radio Star

Most property managers would never consider advertising on the radio. But it’s a surefire way to let a company personality shine straight to the masses, often very inexpensively. When you do radio, free advertising opportunities abound. You can win a spot on a “Meet the Experts” panel on a regular radio informational show, or even host your own weekly half-hour or hour show. Small radio stations are always looking for people to fill up air time, just roll with it and come up with creative skits to impress your listeners.

Be a Video Star

YouTube videos are a novel way of marketing yourself and your business, when you know what you’re doing. It can be tricky to send links of your videos to your database of prospects. (Think of it as putting out a newscast directly targeted to the people on your list.) But the investment is well worth it – the medium really helps to shorten the distance between you and the consumer, i.e.: someone who wants to do business with someone who seems very human and approachable.