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Invariably, the potential tenants and business associates you meet during your career as a property manager will judge you on their first impression of your office space. While you don’t have to break the bank in decorating your office, it is important that the space is not only functional but presentable. Following are some pointers that will help you and your staff present a space that all of you can be proud of:

A Clear Sign

You could have a beautiful office but if no one can find it, consider it a moot effort. Make sure your office space is clearly marked from the outside so that potential tenants and other customers can easily find it. Properly marking the landlord’s office helps you start off on the right foot – the last thing you want to deal with are exasperated customers who’ve had to knock on more than one door to find out where you are.

Showcase your Space

Consider the walls of your office a wonderful place to showcase the beauty of your property. Line your walls with professionally snapped pictures of your most appealing properties, newspaper or magazine articles about your business and awards or certificates. This way you can impress your potential clients without you even having to open your mouth.

Hospitality Points

Make your potential tenants feel at home as soon as they walk through the doors. Keep the basics on-hand such as coffee, tea, water and snacks. These comfort items may go a long way in helping your customers feel at ease before and during business negotiations.

Organization is Vital

No matter how tastefully decorated your office is – too much desk mess or visible clutter in the space can send the wrong signals to your potential tenants. That is, you being a disorganized or untidy manager who is having problems staying on top of things. This is certainly not the impression you want to convey when trying to land new business.

The Right Dress Code

You and your staff should be dressed in a presentable manner. Property managers aren’t expected to wear suits or ties like their real estate agent counterparts but they shouldn’t be slouches either. Be clean shaven, and avoid very casual clothing like jeans and sneakers.

Hide the Clutter

If the world were perfect, we’d be organized all the time and your clients would think you always run a tight management ship. However, the world being what it is, there are days where you or your staff are struggling with clutter. If you’re experiencing such a chaotic day, make an effort to disguise it. Provide each employee with shelving, file systems and storage drawers to stash the mess away before your potential tenants pay a visit.