Most people get into the property management or rental business thinking it’s a good way to generate money, but then wind up realizing that it’s a lot more work than they figured in the first place, especially when it comes to landing qualified tenants. The reason? They never learned how to effectively market themselves. To learn how you can step up your marketing game, read this: Part Two of our list of successful marketing techniques:

Be Clever About Social Media

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Chances are most or your competitors are tweeting or facebooking a ton to generate more business. But are they seeing any return from their social media efforts? Probably not. Many make the mistake of not spending enough time beforehand to come up with social media content that is interesting, informative and exciting. Don’t make that mistake: plan ahead and think your campaign through. Send out one consistent message, like a tip, or funny cartoon, or anything that would make a person look forward to seeing your posts on their social media news feed.

Go Door to Door

Sure, it sounds old school but few people are doing it anymore, right? Hence, the reason to employ this still effective marketing technique. All you have to do is print some flyers, grab a bag of treats for the kids, practice your lines and hit the streets. Introduce yourself to the people in the neighborhood, tell them about your rental units, ask for referrals and let them know that you’re always on hand to answer their questions. If you’re smart, you can also ask the people you meet if they’d like to receive your free newsletter to stay updated on local events and trends. This way, you can reach out and market your business to them in other ways.

Go Public

Emceeing a charity auction or throwing the first pitch at a local baseball game are just two ways you can meet the public and get your business name out there. Now don’t be overzealous and go to every Girl Scouts meeting or club event in the area, but still, it would be nice to show your face at an event at least once a month so that the locals are continually reminded as to what you do. Continually getting your name out there like this not only expands your circle of influence but also makes people more likely to like and trust you.

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